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After the first meetup in the Chive Nation, it was clear that Chivers had bridged the gap between being an ‘on-line’ and ‘off-line’ community and our city needed a way for its members to interact on a regular basis and keep the feeling that we had all found that night going… and thus, Chive On Chicago was born.

Established in March of 2013, Chive On Chicago is a community 3,000 strong and composed of members from all walks of life. First responders, veterans, nurses, tradesmen, artists, misfits, cool kids and nerds all call our chapter home. All are welcome and all are family.

Initially a social forum, we’ve blossomed into a charitable force dedicated to not only improving the world around us, but by doing so, also shattering the stigma that ours is a selfish generation.

In 2014, we were honored to be branded as a Bona Fide chapter in Chive Nation. To receive that title meant that we had represented all that theCHIVE proper stood for and had met and exceeded the standards of charitable donations, social media presence and throwing some of the best meetups in the country.

When we first started, we never dreamed this would be the outcome. In a few short years, we’ve pulled together to create not only one bad-ass chapter, but also an ongoing rally towards giving back locally and nationwide. To date; we’ve raised a quarter of a million dollars in an effort to make the world 10% happier and show no signs of stopping.

We couldn’t be more proud to call these individuals members of Chive On Chicago and Chive Nation.